Give your image a vibrant, high-gloss, modern finish with eye-popping colour using our years of experience Facemounting works of art.

The acrylic layer is the key to the magic of Facemount. We use a 3mm clear acrylic sheet that is custom cut to size and cold-mounted to your print with a specialized adhesive. This gives an ultra-gloss finish that makes your print brighter and more vibrant. The UV stabilizers in the adhesive prevent yellowing over time, so your print stays bold for years to come.


The Aluminum Panel is a clean, modern, industrial way to display your print on paper, which provides the most detailed, colour accurate and vibrant images possible. They are printed on paper of your choice before applying to a lightweight, durable 3mm composite panel. The panel is chemically stable and will not off-gas or discolour the paper over time.


Lightweight foamboard is perfect for indoor displays and temporary installations. The dense foam is resistant to warping and creasing - Perfect for ease of frame installations.

Choose from our Regular or Acid-Free Foamboard in 3/16" thicknesses. Our acid-free foamboard is buffered to a neutral pH to protect your artwork from discolouration.

The photo print is permanently mounted in between the acrylic and aluminum panel making it virtually indestructible. The plexiglass also has UV properties that will further protect your artwork.
Clean, modern, slick.. That's our E-Panel mount. The photo print is mounted directly onto the aluminum with either a matte or gloss lamination on top. The lamination has a layer of UV properties and provides protection from the elements for a more high quality finished product.
Best use case scenario for mounting images onto foamboard is to frame it afterwards. The sturdiness of the foamboard keeps the print from warping making it a breeze to install in a frame. 
The C-Bar backing comes standard with our Facemounts and E-Panel Mounting. This frame provides more than enough strength to hold up the artwork for a lifetime. You may opt out of the C-Bar backing at any time for framing or other creative means!
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